Bermuda Open is an artist-run initiative that provides an opportunity to explore contemporary art in The Hague by showcasing over 70 artists' studios in 12 locations throughout the city center. The event is aimed at promoting a new generation of artists, makers, and cultural workers. The name"Bermuda" is inspired by the triangle shape formed by the three streets and studios that initiated the project in 2021.

TickerTape-Parade during Antwerp Art Weekend 2023

18.05.2023 - 21.05.2023

Nienke Baeckelandt, Stien Bekaert, Maria Blondeel, Evelien Boden, Anna Burvenich, Frank JMA Castelyns, Karolien Chromiak, Nannick JF De Coster, Luc Deleu / T.O.P. office, Fleur De Roeck, Niel de Vries, Kristel Giselle Dewulf, Maarten Enghien, Krystel Geerts, Tab Goh, Laura Leonidovna Skvirskaya, William Ludwig Lutgens, Carlos Navarrete, Hilde Nijs, Imge Özbilge, Ria Pacquée, Douglas Park, Constant Peers, Ellen Pil, Mikes Poppe, Lieven Segers, Tania Simonca, Jelle Spruyt, studio schscht, Joris Strouken, Mark Swysen, Nele Tas, Tijdelijk Informatie Centrum (T.I.C.), Lotte van den Audenaeren, Henriette von Muenchhausen, Aäron Willem, Rocky Witzenstein, Shanglie Zhou

EN Following our previous  “Ticker Tape”-project, NICC has decided to launch another open call for creatives to participate during Antwerp Art Weekend. In 2021, Cel Crabeels (former board member NICC) introduced the ticker tape as a means of exploring other networks, methods, channels, and visual strategies to connect art and artists with the public. This year we want to further explore this unconventional yet interesting medium.

For 25 years, NICC has fought to better the socio-economical position of visual artists in Belgium. By raising awareness, opening up dialogues, and actively promoting young artists, this artist-run organization tackles the framework within which the artistic practice takes place to change it for the better.

In 2023, NICC is participating in Antwerp Art Weekend again, with two ticker tapes installed in two different locations (Albert Heijn Groenplaats and De Studio).

In essence, NICC invited artists to reflect on the socio-political hazard they have to navigate these days, and to vocalize their thoughts (in any way that feels comfortable) for the public to read. The idea is that the artists get to vent their thoughts by presenting these (concise) bodies of text on the ticker tapes placed at the two aforementioned locations, as well as on social media and the website of NICC. Following Antwerp Art Weekend, the TickerTape-Parade will travel on to Brussels and Athens.

In doing so, we hope to transform the ticker tape machine — which was originally used to transfer text remotely to a printing device — into an autonomous artistic medium to help connect with a diverse public.

We are very excited about this year’s edition!

(text by NICC)

These watercolours can be seen at the Offline Show at Tinimini Room in Dordrecht, NL until 24 July 2022

Happy to announce my upcoming solo show at Galerie Mellies in Detmold, Germany!

~ I will be present at the Soft Opening on 27 March 2022 from 14 - 17h ~

~Thursday 17 March 2022 from 5 to 9p.m. the group show 'Really, Only Painting?', organized and curated by BREEDLIJN, will open its doors at different locations in Antwerp ~

On Thursday 10 March 2022 from 12 - 5pm Ai Hashimoto and I will make new work at W139 in Amsterdam!

Close Encounter is a Duo Drawing Day which is open to the public. Ai Hashimoto and Henriette von Muenchhausen will share a space for a day to draw, paint, cut, paste, merge and mingle their work on paper. It will be a day of collaborative work and conversation, of crossing borders and challenging artistic routines. Visitors are invited to come by and have a look, to gain an insight into a fresh artistic process and to share ideas and observations.

W139 / Warmoesstraat 139, Amsterdam

I am participating at 'Summoning', an online exhibition curated by OKTA-Collective as part of Vorspiel / Transmediale, Berlin.

I did some public live painting for Unser Ebertplatz in Cologne, DE (on view until 21 December 2021)

One of my watercolours is part of a special edition about masks by Literarische Blätter

I had the chance to contribute to the publication When the seed considered planting itself, ed. HUMbase collective / published by DISTANZ

 Lauwer pop-up exhibition at Art The Hague

I am happy to be selected for a residency at Witte Rook, Breda (NL) in February and March 2021!


‘Eat Your Words’

Group show with Alexandra Brand, Roeland Tweelinckx and me, curated by Anna Elisabeth Kruyswijk

3 - 25 October 2020

Lauwer, Regulusweg 1, The Hague, NL

Opening 3 October 4 p.m. (rsvp)


I am delighted to have been invited by the Musée d’art contemporain de la Haute-Vienne to take part in their project EPHEMERA.

I made a series of ten drawings, which are on view from now on until 31 October 2020. Have a look at their website to discover more!


TOUCH ME has asked 51 artists to combat, ridicule and pacify the
Covid-induced stunting of the sense of touch by physically interacting with
their own artworks. Uncovering a wide variety of relationships between artist
and creation, the works on show demonstrate performative potential, tone and haptics
while digitally catering to the also touch-deprived viewer of 2020.

Digital exhibition launch:
Sat, 19.09.2020 here

Curated by Veronika Neukirch

Flyer photo credit: Sophie Kemp / @sophiegracekemp

On behalf of their second anniversary in July 2020, Yoyogipartyspace (Tokyo) invited artists online to make an installation in a park or garden. My contribution is a garden installation called ‘Day of the God of Fool’s Gold’.

My installation ‘Houseparty’ is part of Solo Show Chapter 3.2 ‘Everything must be rendered perfectly’

Solo Show is a decentralized group show of offsite works and began during the 2020 quarantines.
 It is curated by Underground Flower in partnership with Harlesden High Street and Rhizome Parking Garage.

Gravyzine is out there,a new zine founded in the UK by Abi Braley and Pui Kan.

The theme of the first issue is ‘work in progress’ and I contributed a picture of an unfired clay sculpture which keeps staring at me since quite a while.

I am very happy to have been invited to contribute to The Drawer Vol. 18.!

The publication is out now (April 2020) and can be ordered on the site of the publisher, les presses du réel.

With Farah Atassi, Ana Benaroya, Ralph Bürgin, chantalpetit, Holly Coulis, Gregory Cuquel, Jean-Philippe Delhomme, Noël Dolla, Terencio González, Laurent Goumarre,
Luke James, Damian Junges, Guillaume Linard Osorio, Marie Maillard, Armando Mariño, Paul Mignard, Henriette von Muenchhausen, Gabriel Orozco, Tessa Perutz, Lee Quiñones, Mira Schor, Saul Steinberg, Maxime Thieffine, Yorgo Tloupas.