The Drawer Vol. 18

I am very happy to have been invited to contribute to The Drawer Vol. 18.!

The publication is out now and can be ordered on the site of the publisher, les presses du réel.

With Farah Atassi, Ana
Benaroya, Ralph Bürgin, chantalpetit, Holly Coulis, Gregory Cuquel,
Jean-Philippe Delhomme, Noël Dolla, Terencio González, Laurent Goumarre,
Luke James, Damian Junges, Guillaume Linard Osorio, Marie Maillard,
Armando Mariño, Paul Mignard, Henriette von Muenchhausen, Gabriel
Orozco, Tessa Perutz, Lee Quiñones, Mira Schor, Saul Steinberg, Maxime
Thieffine, Yorgo Tloupas.

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