Generation ‘18 - MOAM

I am invited to participate in the pop-up-exhibition Generation ‘18 in Amsterdam (curated by MOAM).

The participants of Generation 2018:
Paul Hohner | Nick Beens | Simone Smelt | Jasmijn Muskens | Menghsun Wu | Aranka Agatha Hurkens | Miro Hämäläinen | Nikola Lamburov | Larissa Ambachtsheer | Henriette von Münchhausen | Simone Schampers | Isabelle van Hemert | Tamara van Roij | Caio Vita | Martin Brand | Jessie Westgeest | Joost Termeer | Julien Guettab

MOAM is a multi-disciplinary platform, founded in 2013 by Martijn Nekoui.


A small selection of my graduation installation was recently on view @ Hoop, The Hague. 

(Pictures by Petros Panagiotis Orfanos, who also curated the show together with Nathalie Houtermans)


I was asked to participate in the fundraising exhibition Art for Animals’ sake in Amsterdam (curated by Nathalie Mannaerts and Geertje Geertsma) which took place in October 2017. 100 artists contributed to the show, amongst them Melanie Bonajo, Anne Forest, Andrea Freckmann, Nour-Eddine Jarram, Ralf Kokke and Keetje Mans.

Black hole watermelon

After graduation, there is exhaustion. And then excitement - everything is new and shiny! Then… confusion and greyness with a touch of FOMO. Sparkling again the next day! I am free and savage! Like a baby turtle trying to catch the big waves.*

So life as an artist is the roller coaster we got to know at art school. I already suspected that! But wait, it is only two months ago that I graduated. I made a tiny boat out of water reed and rode on a real wooden roller coaster from 1951 in Helsinki. I saw a kingfisher in Germany and found an abandoned nose, and now, back in The Hague, I am playing around with watermelons for sweet strangers in London. I draw at the kitchentable, on my knees, at the beach and on the road until I will find a new studio. I dream of sculptures. Every now and then I visit friends’ studios. I take notes at exhibitions and of course I am making luminous plans. If this is the Black Hole, then I am fine with it!

* Metaphor taken from an article by Gerda van de Glind on Mister Motley about graduating from art school. Highly recommended (Dutch only):

I carried a watermelon

My very first online residency! At SHELF London (curated by Bex Massey and Sarah Roberts).

SHELF are freakin’ delighted to announce our 10 selected Instagram residents for AUG/ SEPT/OCT 17. 

 #morecloutlesspout #icarriedawatermelon #nobodyputsbabyinacorner 💥🍉











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