Working on a phantasmagorical series

I’ve been back in Berlin - one of my old home towns - for the Gallery Weekend. After a short time of confusion, the city fitted me again like a refound glove. 

One night, I could not fall asleep because memories and new impressions
were dancing in my head. I wandered around in my friend’s house and took
pictures in the dark. They are the starting point for a series of big paintings, in which the old and the new Berlin are mingling in a phantasmagoric

It is the first time I am working like this - and it feels exciting!


It is a wave. Its rhythm is soothing and exciting at the same time.

Since a while, the paintings reentered my life which before was more inhabited by sculptural works.

The drawings opened them the door.

But at the end, 2D and 3D will get together again, I am quite sure.

At least, they might be in the mood for having a chat and a drink at a party every now and then.

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