It is a wave. Its rhythm is soothing and exciting at the same time.

Since a while, the paintings reentered my life which before was more inhabited by sculptural works.

The drawings opened them the door.

But at the end, 2D and 3D will get together again, I am quite sure.

At least, they might be in the mood for having a chat and a drink at a party every now and then.

Goldmali Gallery - The Hague meets Antwerp

The botanical garden in Antwerp

On a beautiful autumn day I visited Wannes Cools in his studio in Antwerp. We had a very nice chat about his work and life as an artist and he agreed to show his work at Goldmali Gallery, the online platform I initiated this year.

Throughout october 2018 you can see his online-exhibition ‘What does not occur on the tip of the tongue and outside of one’s head’ there. And don’t forget to check out the interview!

‘Bouncyboi’ by Wannes Cools, 2018

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