The Bcademie publishes interviews of their participants on a regular basis - recently they asked me some nice questions.

(photo by Gerhard van Roon)

Let us introduce you to : 

Henriette von Muenchhausen
participant of TEAM AED

I graduated in 2017 at the KABK in The Hague.
My work consists mainly of drawings, sculptures and photos / short videos, which like to switch roles. A sculpture can be activated by a performance, come back in a drawing or get another life as a hand-coloured photographic print. The works are autonomous, but sometimes come together in installations. Thematically, the absurd, the sensual and the ephemeral aspects of life are input and outcome at the same time.”

Why did you apply for the Bcademie? What do you hope to get out of it?

I simply was curious - and liked the idea of an informal setting where ‘secret information’ and stories about different paths in the artworld are shared with and amongst us recently graduates. This turns out to be very useful for insights in how to pursue an artistic career. 

Of course this  experience creates a bond as well, and the Bcademie-network is another important reason why I applied. A while ago, I met an artist I did not know before – we were in a group show together and had works installed next to each other – and it was very nice to find out we both are part of the Bcademie. Now we follow each other’s works on social media. The network grows in a natural way.

What question did you ask during the last Bcademie-meeting?

My main question was if I should launch an online-only gallery. I stumbled upon one recently and liked the concept, the idea of creating a platform for fellow artists to show their work. I got useful remarks, and the simple yet energetic comment “Just try it” finally lead to GOLDMALI Gallery which is currently hosting its first online exhibition!

Thanks Henriette! Do you have any upcoming exhibitions that we can visit?

[[ EVERYONE’S ASKING IF I’M OK / NO ONE’S ASKING IF I’M OK ]], an exhibition which is organized by the icing room, an artist-led space in London. It will take place in April at different locations worldwide, and my work consists of going for a walk with a recalcitrant sculpture. I am very much looking forward to doing so.
Furthermore, I am planning a little guerilla performative action during Glasgow International, when I will be visiting an artist friend over there. Updates will be posted on my website!

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