A stroll through fluorescent woods

I will give an online workshop @ Bandwi/d/th: The Togethering Lab’s Online Relational Festival.

The Togethering Lab goes cyber for our week-long, international festival of online relational experiments! Join us for a series of workshops which explore ways of being together through digital communication technologies. How might dispersed networks perform intimacy? How does the digital carry our bodies? How far can we imaginatively extend these platforms? What new modes of togetherness can be created there? How is our experience of materiality - the screen, our lover, the subway platform - altered, mediated, (un)done?  Each workshop is, at its heart, an experiment - beginning with a question in mind (or series of questions), which is then investigated using a toolkit of diverse relational practices (philosophical, theoretical, therapeutic, textual, artistic, embodied, meditative). Participants will have the opportunity to fill in lab sheets after each experiment to further pry open  investigations and document our findings.


March 19 
18h Opening: Being-with in the Bandwidth 
w/ Hannah Kaya & Aaron Finbloom

17h-17h45: ‘A stroll through fluorescent woods’ w/ Henriette von Muenchhausen
18h-19h: ‘Intentional Virtual Touch’ w/ Emma Lee Kai Iverson
19h30-20h15: ‘Collective impro in telepresence’ w/ Goldjian 20h30-21h30: ‘Get On the Same Page’ w/ Jordan Campbell 21h30-22h30: Lina Moreno 

18h-19h30: ‘How Can We See a Network? How Do Networks See?’ w/ Curran McConnell 
20h-22h: ‘the dinner project - an experiment in public/private intimacy’ w/ Sophie Traub & Eliot Feenstra

12h-13h: ‘Tour Agency’ w/ Tal Alperstein&Julia Keren Turbahn 17h-18h: ‘Interactivity’ w/ Nisse Greenberg
18h30-19h15: ‘Back to Back Drawing’ w/ Chris Moffett
19h30-21h: ‘Collaborative Rejection Letters’ w/ Suso Phizer 21h30-23h: ‘InterTwined: Co-Gaming, Co-Authoring, and Co-Playing a Choose Your Own Adventure Game’ w/ Jessica Creane

12-1: ‘Echo Chambers - US/Iran’ w/ Elahe Rostami & Eliot Feenstra

R&J: Real Intimacy for a Fiction Based Game’ w/ Jessica Creane 


The Togethering Lab is a collaboration between Hannah Kaya and Aaron Finbloom (CA).

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