My work will take over Rizoom for a week, and that’s
what it told me: ‘At night, our thoughts are spinning. We turn into
courteous tigers and take a ride on the seaside merry-go-round.’

the icing room, London

Untitled, 2019 / Watercolour, acrylic and conté on paper / 27 x 35cm

~~~ Happy to be included in the icing room’s show ‘I’m in the bath where are you’ in December ~~~

Ghost stories

I grew up with ghost stories.

They might turn into a new theme.

What is truth anyway and do we really need it to create a sense of belonging?


Animation is calling me. And I am following with baby steps, as I have to find the right moments  to discover this new world, and the right reasons. I don’t know how far I want to go. It might become a sidetrack, a folly, a serious research or an undercurrent.

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