KABK Graduation Festival 2017

Soon I will graduate.

The Graduation Festival 2017 will take place from Friday 30 June to Thursday 6 July at the Royal Academy of Art, Prinsessegracht 4 in The Hague. Entrance is free.

You can find my presentation Gib dem Affen Zucker on the ground floor at BA.020 at Bleijenburg (backside of the building), behind the one and only curved wall at the academy.

Opening hours are from 4 to 9 p.m. on Friday 30 June, and from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. from Saturday 1 to Thursday 6 July. For further information please see www.kabk.nl.

Gib dem Affen Zucker

Around the corner

in the curve,

between the lines

where the rosemary grows,

and in your breath.

In meiner Muttersprache,

and in tomorrow’s hills

when the night goes fishing.

This body of work is moving.

I am alive and you,

dear stranger, as well.

The pleasure is all mine.

Secret room

Since a short time I have got a secret room, thanks to a friend. It is a very spacious studio, and in order to get there I cycle through a park which makes me breath green sunlight. I admit, I am in love with this room. I don’t know for how long it will tolerate me or when it will be torn down, but that is something I have to get used to as I heard from other artists. If you, dear reader, recognize the place, please don’t tell it to anybody.  Be my confidant. 

And I will take my chance, working there as much as possible, and dancing barefoot - for instance to the song below…

KABK Graduation Festival 2016

Next year it will be my turn, so this year I could still stroll around pretty relaxed. It was strange to see familiar faces and know they won’t be at the academy anymore in September. But of course it is good to know they will find their way outside. They are ready for it. Here are some pictures of works which attracted me (unfortunately my time was limited so I missed out on most departments besides Fine Arts.)

Again I did not take pictures of everything which fascinated me. Also the works of Alex Andropoulos, Katerina Sidorova, Benjamin AH Harpsoe and Hany Saad were very convincing.

Rietveld Finals 2016

Yes, I admit it: It was my very first visit of the Rietveld Academy. Although the KABK is my home, it was pleasant to be there. The atmosphere was friendly and the finals were so well structured that I found my way through the buildings naturally and probably saw everything. Performances and installations seem to be dominant at both academies. Here are some pictures of works that caught my eye.

I did not take pictures of the work of Naama Aharony, Loydis Carnero Pineda and Els Cornelis which was interesting as well.

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